Today has been a day of transition. Switch. Starts and stops.  Out with the old and in with the new.

This day saw the careful dismantling of my old kitchen.  It seems odd to call it “my old kitchen”. I haven’t even lived six months in this house and this kitchen was one of the newest parts of this house.  The house itself is probably about 60 or 70 yrs old and the block of land it sits on was given its current designation almost 100 yrs ago (which is pretty old for this part of the world).

So, about this “old” kitchen…  It has no stove or oven and a very tiny sink.  Technically, this is a “kitchenette”.  We wanted this as our main kitchen so a new one had to be installed.  The old one is in pretty good nick so we wanted to keep it, hence the painstaking dismantling.

It has been a hard slog today but it ain’t over yet.  Tomorrow holds more of the same.

I can’t help but draw some comparisons with #blogjune as today marks its conclusion.  Tonight I say goodbye to a month of blogging, a month of musical challenges, a month of daily public reflection, a month of searching for inspiration.  #blogjune stops.  The old kitchen stops.

Looking back on the past month, I’ve had some ups and downs.  I’ve enjoyed sharing my life with you all for these past 30 days.  Each year at this time I always say I want to blog more, especially as #blogjune gives me the incentive to do so, and each year I fail to live up to that.  I don’t think I’ll make any wild promises this year.  I’ll just say that I will blog when I feel the need and I’ll try to feel the need more often.  😉

Tomorrow begins a new month. This coming week holds the promise of a new kitchen. Starts.   It’s nice when a start follows a stop.  There are lots of new beginnings expected next month and all of them joyous.  I hope that I will share those happy starts with you.

Before I go, there’s one last thing to do…  One last Musical Challenge!

Both songs from yesterday’s post have been answered.  Song 57 was Call Me by Blondie, answered by Jackie and Song 58 was Someone Like You by Adele, answered by Julia.  Jackie and Julia are vying for the title of Musical Challenge Champion.  They are neck-and-neck for the title with 4 correct answers apiece.  However, a further count shows that they are level pegging with Leesa who also has 4 correct answers.

Who will win?  A number of others are sitting with 2 correct answers.  One of those could answer both of tonight’s songs correctly and leave us with a 4-person dead heat!  But don’t forget, there’s still over 20 unanswered songs just waiting to be snapped up.  This is still anyone’s game!

Get your thinking caps on.  Dance around the room in a pink feather boa if that helps you think….perhaps that one just works for me.  Answer the songs.  Feel free to ask for further info.  I’ll happily tell you whether the artist is male or female, solo or group, genre of song, decade or year of release or any other trivia to help you.

The Challenge answers will be posted in a subsequent post during July.

Song 59:

It’s not confidential
I’ve got potential


Song 60:

Inside we both know what’s been going on
We know the game and we’re gonna play it



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7 Responses to Sayonara…Saturday

  1. leesaphilip says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    I have to have song 60 – thanks for the return RickRoll!!
    Never going to give you up – Rick Astley!

  2. jzgarnett says:

    59 is Somebody Told Me by the Killers.
    Well done Leesa!

  3. leesaphilip says:

    Julia – the RickRoll was deliberate, I did that to Fi on Friday! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    • fionawb says:

      Not entirely the payback you think it is, Leesa. It came up in the playlist right at the time I was about to put in Song 60. It was actually coincidental but a happy coincidence.

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