[Note: this is a backdated post. It is what I would’ve posted had events not turned out the way they did.]

I wasn’t feeling well at all.  I started to feel my head going fuzzy then my legs went from under me and I fell over.  A thumping great headache and a thump down to the floor makes this  Thump Thursday.

Musical challenge.

Spencer correctly answered both songs from yesterday.  Song 53 was Blue Skies and Song 54 was Scarlet Ribbons.  Both songs have been recorded by different people but I was listening to the versions by Willie Nelson and Sinéad O’Connor, respectively.

Song 55:

Well it just ain’t right
That it’s something I can’t fight
I can’t stop going out and having fun
Well I tried to be good,
But I knew I never could

Song 56:

Explanations are complications
we don’t need to know the where or why.

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2 Responses to Thump…Thursday

  1. seanfish says:

    Oooh RSS saves the day! Number 55 is Bad Habits by Billy Field, and number 56 is “Respectable by Mel and Kim.

    Hope your headache’s gone away. 🙂

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