She’ll be apples

I’ve had a song stuck in my head all day today.  No, this isn’t a Musical Challenge at the start of the post – that will be at the end as usual – but I do wonder how many people will recognise these lyrics:

You’ll be right as rain, you’ll be apples
You’ll be in there batting like the Chappells
If you take a sip or three
Of Granny Gurble’s Herbal Tea.

It was from one of the ABC song book that I had in primary school.  Every so often, this particular song pops into my head for one reason or another.  That short excerpt is a lovely demonstration of Australian colloquialisms rooted in Cockney rhyming slang as well as a slice of what was contemporary sporting life.

Anyway, I’m not sure if it was the idea of having a cup of tea or the fact that I knew I was going to paint apples onto my nails tonight for my Monday Mani but there it was back in my head again.  It’s a fun little ditty.  Come to think of it, my best guess is that I first heard this about 30 years ago.  How amazing that it still jumps back into my mind with disturbing regularity!

Anyway, I powered through a bunch of work today and I’m feeling much better than I have in a little while.  So, perhaps I am apples after all!

Now for the real Musical Challenge…

Song 31 is still unanswered. The added hint is that it is sung by a female singer and if you went to the record shop to buy it, you’d find it in the World Music/Ethnic section (see what I did there?).  Song 32 was correctly answered by Jackie as No Surprises by Radiohead.

The first of today’s two songs should be pretty simple but the second might be a tad more obscure.  Keen readers of my Twitter feed would’ve seen me tweet about this singer today. 😉

Song 33:

And she’ll tease you
She’ll unease you
All the better just to please you
She’s precocious
And she knows just what it
Takes to make a pro blush

Song 34:

I played pretend between the trees,
and fed my houseguests bark and leaves,
and laughed in my pretty bed of green.

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6 Responses to She’ll be apples

  1. library1 says:

    Finally! Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes!

  2. Leesa Philip says:

    Grrrrrr. That would be me!

  3. Leesa Philip says:

    Finally, one I know. Bette Davis Eyes, Kim Carnes!

  4. Alana says:

    I loveeeee the apples nails!

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