This morning I conducted the choir at 9am Mass.  Today is the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ (aka Corpus Christi).  In addition to this, our 9am Mass today was a celebration of the 50th anniversary of priesthood for two priests, one of whom married my husband and I and the other priest has been a long term family friend since before I was born.  So I felt honoured that I could play a part in their celebrations just as they had been present for milestones in my life.

In selecting the music for the Mass, I considered the readings of the day and season as I normally would for any Mass. I then considered the special occasion we were celebrating and considered that when these priests were ordained Mass was in Latin…so perhaps a Latin hymn may be appropriate.  Putting these two factors together along with the choir’s repertoire, I pulled out one of my old favourites to be sung after Communion…Panis Angelicus by Cesar Franck.

A few years ago my choir was asked to sing at St Stephen’s Cathedral for the Annual Commissioning Mass for Pastoral Councils (it was even an old #blogjune post!).  I selected Panis Angelicus for that Mass and the choir did a pretty good job of singing it.  Given this previous shot at it, I thought it was high time for reprise.

Well! I had almost 25 choir members and musicians in front of me to conduct and they absolutely blew me away with their magnificence!  I don’t think I could fault their efforts one little bit.  I’m always loathe to use the word “performance” in relation to singing at Mass but this performance was out of this world!

As if that wasn’t enough of a high point, imagine my surprise when Fr Peter (who presided) after making a special point of thanking myself, my accompanist and the choir as a whole, went on to say that Panis Angelicus had been sung as the hymn after Communion at his ordination…50 years ago!!!

This has to have been the climax of my week.  After that, I was absolutely in need of a good rest.


Now for the Musical Challenge.

Jennie correctly answered Song 15 as Mushaboom by Feist.  Song 16 is still up for grabs and I would consider it a reasonably well known song…or certainly a very well known artist.  Jennie also went back and correctly answered Song 6 (from back on Day 3 of #blogjune) as Intergalactic by Beastie Boys.

I deliberately skipped a song yesterday because I thought the lyrics were a little bit blue but one of the “young friends” I referred to in the post said on Facebook that she may have got it if I hadn’t skipped it.  So, here it is!

Song 17 (Warning! Lyrics contain adult concepts):

Latex, champagne, bubble bath, whipped cream
Cherry pop, tag team, can you make me scream?

Song 18 (also contains adult concepts but is a nursery rhyme in comparison to Song 17!):

She saw the marks on my shoulder
Heard the words that I told her
Heard the scream get louder
She stayed until it was over

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5 Responses to Climax

  1. jzgarnett says:

    I can hear Song 18 in my head but it’s not quite there…
    Love Panis Angelicus!

  2. jzgarnett says:

    Song 18: Shaggy – It Wasn’t Me
    It was my sister’s album, I swear.

  3. Jenny says:

    Song #18 is Shaggy “Wasn’t Me”…
    I LOVE Panis Angelicus – my husband and I used to sing a duet arrangement together in our old choir, it’s pretty special for us 🙂

  4. Alana says:

    SONG 17: Wynter Gordon “Dirty Talk” I am no angeellll (8)

  5. Jenelle says:

    We had Panis Angelicus as our song after Communion today as well!

    We had Bishop DiMarzio visiting to celebrate Mass today and it was great – he was sitting up there singing along. It was perfect!!

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