All too hard

It’s been a long and busy day…topped of with a few hours of shopping.  I don’t really have the energy to blog tonight but I will just share with you one of my latest purchases…

…an Angry Birds mug to go with my Angry Birds beanie/scarf!

And now for the Musical Challenge!  Song 9 is still outstanding but Song 10 was answered.  Sally was the first to get it right and Dags added some extra trivia about the song.  It was, of course, Sweetest Thing by U2.

Song 11:

How did you know, I needed you
How did you know I needed you so badly
How did you know I’d give my heart gladly

Song 12:

If my body was on fire
You would watch me burn down in flames
You said you loved me, you’re a liar
Cause you never ever, ever did, baby

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2 Responses to All too hard

  1. leesaphilip says:

    Song 11 = You sexy thing by Hot Chocolate!!

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