Achievement and belonging

What a day!

Between illness, relationships, work, commitments and whatever else you want to throw into the mix, I’ve had a pretty rough trot of late.  I’ve been brought to the brink of my tolerances on a whole range of things and, frankly, I’ve had enough.

Then today happened.

It was an earlier start than I’m used to and it followed only about 3 or 4 hours of sleep…not boding well for a good day at this point.  I skipped breakfast (not unusual) but then didn’t get an opportunity to have even as much as a cup of coffee until 10.30am…still not boding well.


Today I attended an Introduction to Research at one of the hospitals where I work.  I was scheduled to speak just after lunch but I was keen to tie my presentation in to what previous speakers had said and I was also keen to hear what they may say…partially so that I would be forewarned when I receive research and literature search questions from participants but also to be sure that Library Services were being referred to in a correct manner.  (I cannot abide misinformation)  So I attended for the full day.

I’m so glad I did!

Without getting into the nitty-gritty, I was very impressed with the calibre of presentations for the entire day.  The speakers prior to me were well informed, experienced and engaged.  Participants were clearly very interested in the presentations, as they should be.

After lunch, it was my turn.  I wasn’t nervous. I’m not a nervous public speaker – I sing in front of hundreds of strangers every week so I have no qualms getting up in front of people.  However, there’s always just the slightest shade of apprehension, curious to know how this audience will respond to my message.

My apprehension was short-lived.  Casual conversations throughout the lunch break led me to believe that all would be well.  Rather than toot my own horn here, I’ll just say that I was very well received and I even earned myself a new nickname!  I used this panda pic and described myself as the panda with his hand on the other one’s bum (although a slip of the tongue has me say “up” instead of “on”!)…so now I’m “Panda”!

 The presenter that followed me (who provided a great presentation) stated “Fiona’s a tough act to follow” which was a lovely compliment.  The final presenter for the day, who was not in the room during my session, asked the group what resources and people could they seek out if they needed assistance and they all said “Fiona!”  WOW!  I was just about on Cloud 9 by this point.

My ego got massively inflated (and it really didn’t need it) but, more importantly, I felt validated.  My session content had been relevant and had been retained for at least 90 minutes and with another session between my content delivery and the question being posed.  There was no greater compliment to me as an ‘educator’.

That would have been enough for one day but the goodness continued.

I conducted my choir at an ecumenical service of thanksgiving for the environment.  I enjoy conducting my choir in my own church and it was nice to be asked to do this in a different church of a different denomination. The choir sang beautifully and we were good representatives of our church.  I even heard one of the congregation in a loud whisper at the back of the church say, “That was beautiful!”  WOW! (again!)  Is there anything higher than Cloud 9?

But wait! There’s more!

My biggest challenge of the day was yet to come.  I was to conduct the three combined guest choirs…I’d never done that… singing a hymn by Beethoven…that I didn’t know.  So basically, the biggest choir I’ve ever conducted, comprised of people who don’t know my conducting style, to a piece I’d never heard by a composer I dislike!

…and I DID IT!!!!!  (pretty happy with how well it turned out, too!)

Ahhhhhhh! I’m on Cloud 99!

I’d better give you a Musical Challenge, hadn’t I?  Sean answered yesterday’s Song 8 correctly as Six Months in a Leaky Boat by Split Enzyme <–new name thanks to autocorrect!

Song 9:

But when I crawl into your arms
Everything comes tumbling down.

Song 10:

I know I got black eyes
But they burn so brightly for her
I guess it’s a blind kind of love

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9 Responses to Achievement and belonging

  1. Song 10: The Sweetest Thing by U2 – appropriate choice for such a great day 🙂 Well done Fi!

  2. Kim says:

    Woo hoo great day

  3. Nomes says:

    You are awesome. xoxo

  4. Dags says:

    As you know, I don’t have faith in much, but I’ve always had faith that you would succeed. Today is proof that my undying belief in you and your abilities is well-founded.

    Now – we really should get ‘dice blowing’ into the marketplace!

    Does it count that I knew it was a U2 song, and it was the one Bono wrote for his wife’s birthday, I just couldn’t remember the name of it?

  5. Jackie says:

    Go Fi! Woo hoo! You are a legend.

    Song 9: The Ship Song! One of my faves.

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