LIW Tuesday

LIW or no LIW, I pretty much hate Tuesdays.  I don’t know why. Most people hate Mondays. I’d say I’m not a fan of Mondays but they’re a not nearly as bad as Tuesdays.

A few weeks ago, I decided to brighten my Tuesdays but instituting what I call “Chuck Tuesday”.  Tweets and Facebook updates should contain as many references to Chuck Norris as possible.  This seems to lighten the mood and is surprisingly motivating.  There’s nothing like a good roundhouse kick to the face to really get you back on task.

Tuesday of Library and Information Week, however, took a different turn. There was an Internet meme to keep us all amused and on our game.  I’m not sure where it originated but I latched on to it as soon as I saw it and had a great old time of it.


This meme just kept going and going. I created a few of my own and retweeted a few I saw and was generally amused by most.

The interesting thing I have noticed about my amusement on Twitter, more so than via any other medium, is that the level of entertainment is directly correlated to my productivity at work. I’ve spoken before about my use of Twitter in the workplace but I’m really becoming more and more aware of how integral it is to how I actually get through my day. I find that if I can amuse myself in short bursts (140 characters or less will do the trick), I seem to get just enough of a kick to the brain to keep going faster, stronger, better.  It’s quite odd.

I once worked for a very observant and brilliant woman who told me that she didn’t mind me amusing myself for a few minutes in the day because she knew that those few minutes gave me the lift I needed to work harder for a few hours. I’d never made that observation about myself but after she pointed it out I reflected on this and realised that I’d always been this way.  That was over 10 years ago and nothing’s really changed.  I’m always grateful to work for people who give me the freedom to work to my strengths and in my own unique style.  It may be unconventional but, if you loosen the leash, you’ll get far more out of me than if you didn’t.

I’ll leave you with what I think was my best tweet of the day….

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7 Responses to LIW Tuesday

  1. It was the best tweet of the meme, and très Fiona!

  2. Penny says:

    I think I’m the same. If I don’t get some fun in the day it makes for Cranky Librarian.

  3. Julia G says:

    I’m shocked you didn’t retweet my Chuck Ipsum link. You’ll have to save that for this coming Tuesday!

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