Election night parties

I love election nights!

As Spencer Howson wrote in BMag this week…

Librarian Fiona Winston-Brown also sets herself up for the night: “I swoon over the ABC’s election analyst Antony Green whilst hurling abuse at the TV if the wrong mob gets in! Hubby floats around in the background and joins me for the call of our electorate but otherwise it’s a solo event accompanied by cheese and biscuits washed down with a bottle from my collection.”

Having outed myself to Spencer in this way, I decided to go all out this year and throw myself into this #qldvotes solo party.

Tonight, I asked the Twitterverse who else was solo partying for the Queensland State election.  Here are my fellow solo-partiers:


Are you having a #qldvotes #soloparty too? Comment below and join us in spirit!

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2 Responses to Election night parties

  1. Thoroughly enjoying my @soloparty! I am set up with a sweet and sour sauce over the top of some wedges with Sour Cream and watching the teletext not match up with the speakers words on @ABC24

    • fionawb says:

      I’ve got leftover veggie pizza, brie, cheezels, beetroot dip, crackers and a bottle of moscato to get me throught the night.

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