The twelfth day of Christmas

This challenge is drawing to a close.  Tomorrow will be Epiphany and life will return to normal…whatever that is.

I’ve spent most of today feeling quite sad and invisible but nobody really noticed.  I felt like screaming out “LOOK AT ME! TALK TO ME!” but that would have just been weird and a bridge too far.

Anyway, I’m trying to focus on the positives even when it’s a struggle to do so.  So how about a little gaze into the year ahead?

I had decided that I would not do New Years Resolutions this year but that was as far as that thought went. Taking a leaf out of the Book of Nomes, I have set some challenges instead.

My challenges for the year…

  • Reconnect with reading – This year is the National Year of Reading and as a librarian I really should give this my support.  As a child I was an avid reader but since I became a librarian I hardly touch books at all except to shelve them.
  • Craft a card per week – Some card crafting challenges require participants to make a card each day. Given my commitments, that’s a little excessive but I think I can manage one a week.
  • Blog more frequently – Analysis of the past few years has shown me that I require a blogging challenge to motivate me.  I mostly just blog during June and the Twelve Days of Christmas.  I was glad that I instigated the Blog12DaysXmas challenge (with the encouragement of Jenelle) back in 2010 and that spurred me to set the Lent2011 blog challenge but that, for me at least, was a dismal failure. I’m not sure what I’ll be able to sustain but I’d like to aim for at least one post a month…one that’s worth reading.
  • Everyday – Last year’s Daily Image 2011 photo challenge was so enjoyable and surprisingly enlightening that I want to continue…but with a difference.  I purchased the Everyday app and I will use it to create a time lapse video of my year.

I have a few other things in my mind but that’s enough to keep me occupied.

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8 Responses to The twelfth day of Christmas

  1. Polyxena says:

    I have been using Goodreads for the last two years to focus on my reading. I’ll blog about my year in that later today. I agree about needing a challenge to blog! I have done 22 posts since Xmas – 11 for me and 11 for a work blog – two more to do today for a good finish. In 2012, I am doing a couple of Flickr photo challenges personally and this year am going to do the weekly Friday Photos 2012 for one of the library blogs, Telling Tales, as well. My undertaking is to blog about the photo so at least this will give me a structure for the library blogging. I haven’t made any commitment for my personal blogging. I think two photo challenges as well as my Goodreads stuff are enough at this point ;0

  2. Good challenges, Fi! And nice to know I’ve been elevated to biblical status 😉
    I’m also very task-based and am more likely to do things if there’s an external impetus, so may I suggest we both start using Library Thing? I think that’s what I mean… where you keep track of the books you read and get recommendations on authors you might like through the other people you’re connected to. Of course it means publicly outing yourself as a teen vampire fiction aficionado (or maybe that’s just me), but it could be a way to give that first goal specificity, and also provide fodder for blogging.

    • fionawb says:

      Cool! Sounds like a plan. I just updated my LibraryThing account. You’ll find me there as Lieby. Apparently, I’ve been a member since October 12, 2006! (Which, of course, predates my WB-ness)

      Oh, and I’m sooooo not into vampirey stuff. I’m more a Terry Pratchett girl…and non-fic.

  3. Leesa Philip says:

    Yes, ok – I have a Library Thing account too… haven’t looked at it in years, though. I wonder what my username and password are??? Maybe I’ll just start another one… and watch out for my eclectic reading tastes!! But will I blog… I’ll think about that!

    • Polyxena says:

      I am happy with Goodreads. I’ve had a Librarything acct for ages and had a go at it again a couple of years ago but decided Goodreads was more what I wanted.

  4. Julia G says:

    I use Goodreads too – before that I had a Living Social Visual Bookshelf but that’s been shut down. I was really happy I was able to port my data into Goodreads and not have to start from scratch!
    I like your goals, Fi. I have a few school-related goals and challenges, but haven’t thought much about “personal” goals yet. I’m not usually one to make NY resolutions.

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