The tenth day of Christmas

I returned to work today.  Very few people came to the library.  The Education Centre which houses the Library was operating on after-hours mode, i.e. swipe access was required to enter the building.  That meant that the Library was exceedingly quiet and I was  free to concentrate on working without interruption…a rare treat!

I had a very constructive teleconference in the morning but that was my only appointment for the day.  By the afternoon, I was starting to fade until I went to the hospital cafe and bought a bottle of red cream soda, a chocolate bar and a packet of jellybeans.  Then it all turned a little crazy!

Jellybean wars ensued!

A frivolous conversation about various aspects of jellybeans kept me motivated and amused.  It also made me feel connected to the rest of the world.  Sitting in a quiet and virtually empty library with not a soul to talk to could have made me feel very alone but Twitter was my companion and motivator.

I had a similar experience much later in the evening.  I posted an update on Facebook and another crazy conversation was launched.  That feeling of connectedness engulfed me again.

Anyone who thinks social media is a threat to actual personal relationships has never really experienced its positive power.  I could have spent the day feeling lonely and sorry for myself but, instead, I felt uplifted by those trivial conversations.  It’s the little things that make the difference.

Those silly little jellybeans made my day.

(For the record, Allen’s are the best and I like the white ones!)

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