The ninth day of Christmas

Today was the last day of my Christmas holidays.  Tomorrow I return to work.

I have much to do.  There are jobs to do around the house. I have committee work that needs attention. I have a laundry list of things running through my mind but I put all of them aside today to continue my goal of spending my holidays in relaxation so that I can return to work tomorrow renewed and refreshed.

I was fortunate enough this afternoon to spend time in the company of some wonderful people.  My fellow music ministers (i.e. musicians and singers) from my church.  One of our group…the youngest, in fact…invited us to his house for a most amazing afternoon tea.  It was such a relaxed affair and a perfect end to a relaxed holiday for me.

I came home and continued in the same vein by playing a game of Sims 3 and painting my nails (including a failed nail art design).  Then, after dinner, I watched “Bridesmaids” which has been quoted by my workmates ever since they saw it.

All in all, it was a good day.  Mostly made pleasant by the company of friends and the remembrance of absent friends.  So today’s word of the day is…

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