The eighth day of Christmas

A new year.

A new beginning.

A new set of challenges.

A new set of possibilities.

Just as last year I documented each day (bar the first month) with a photograph of myself, this year I will do something similar but I have also set myself a new challenge.  Document my year in text.

While I was in Perth in September last year (2011, if you haven’t changed your calendars), I went into a bookshop…that’s rare for me…and I made a purchase…even rarer.  I bought something I haven’t bought in years…a diary!  In the age of smartphones and integrated online accounts, who would put anything on paper?  Why walk around with a phone book and a diary and any number of other things in one’s pocket or handbag or actually the suitcase you’d need to carry such things when one can have it all in a small device?  Why indeed!

Anyway, the diary.  Yes, I purchased a diary. Not for appointments and such but rather to capture my moods, my emotions, my thoughts, my feelings.  Sure, I could blog all that but the real challenge is to do it every day and to do it succinctly.

I challenge myself to sum up each day in one word and to write that word in my brand new 7 x 9 x 2.5cm diary.

Today was a good start:

Let’s hope the rest of the year is just as positive.

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4 Responses to The eighth day of Christmas

  1. gigglesigh says:

    that’s a fabulous idea and also a fabulous way to start the year – relaxed x

  2. Kelly Hall says:

    Love that idea!

  3. Gemma says:

    Love it. I just bought myself a 2012 paper diary too to write down thoughts etc. might incorporate one word also…

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