The fourth day of Christmas

Last night I slept. It was only a little after 1am when I dropped off to sleep. It was filled with dreams but it was unbroken…at least until the alarm reminded me that I was meeting a friend for coffee.

I met said friend and coffee became breakfast.  It’s always nice to share a meal and good conversation in the company of valued friends. It was a lovely start to the day…and it was accompanied by a spot of gentle shopping. (My favourite thing!)

A bunch of other things happened in the afternoon which I don’t really want to talk about but what I do want to talk about is nail art!  I’ve taken quite an interest in nail art this year.  I enjoy creating these designs on my nails and it is quite a conversation starter.  Complete strangers pass remarks about the designs I sport on my fingers.  Here’s a selection of my efforts…starting with today’s water marbled art:


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6 Responses to The fourth day of Christmas

  1. Wow! These are amazing! It (almost) makes me wish I had longer nails so I could attempt something similar. But alas, long nails would play havoc with my violin strings…
    And I think I liked today’s “marbled art” the most.

  2. So you do these yourself? you must have the steadiest hands in the west! I am truly impressed – I can do stylish things on my left hand only #nailfail.

  3. Kelly Hall says:

    I’m with justgirlwithshoes – I can barely paint my nails let alone paint designs onto them!
    Love the designs 🙂

  4. Lisa says:

    Wow – can’t believe you do this yourself – and on left and right hands! Cherry blossoms & watermelon my favourite 🙂 Impressive.

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