The second day of Christmas

Just like this time last year, today was the Boxing Day sales.

The same lack of tolerance and forbearance was evident in the parking lot. Crowds jostled to get the bargains they’d come for. Most people looked harried and distressed.

Hubby and I had a spot of lunch in the very packed food court. A family to the right of me was quite squashed as they tried to sit together. About half-way through our meal, the couple to my left finished up and vacated their seats.  The mother of the family on my right sent her sons rushing over to take the vacated seats so they could at least sit to eat.  I offered that we could slide to those seats and allow the family to sit together.  She seemed so taken aback at such a simple gesture of kindness.  She thanked me far more profusely than my offer deserved. I felt embarrassed.

It made me think, have we become so self-centred that even the most insignificant acts of courtesy are rare and warrant effusive thanks?  I hope not.  How about we make common courtesy common again?

Anyway, here’s a snap of some of the things I tried on in the sales:

I can’t go past 75% off!

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