Daily Images

Those of you who follow me on Twitter (and in real life) will know that I’m participating in the Daily Image 2011 challenge where I take a photo of myself every day of 2011.  The photos are uploaded to Flickr and posted on Twitter.

Seeing the snapshots of other people’s lives is so very interesting.  It is often the most everyday scenes that I find interesting.  Drinking coffee, spending time with friends, doing craft.  These things are the moments in our lives that are commonplace yet without them our life lacks its foundation.

Anyway, that’s not really what I’m here to talk about.  I like to come up with pithy or witty captions for my photos but I’m running out of steam!  Some (wiser) participants in the #dailyimage2011 challenge opted to caption their images with just a sequential number or a date. But, oh yes, I had to be showy.  Amadán!

So, dear reader, for the month of August, I’m asking you to caption my images.  I will number them as per the date and then add the caption I like best after the fact.

There are no prizes – just the bragging rights.

To give you a taste of the banality of my pictures, if you haven’t yet seen any, here’s a few from the past few months:

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