Saturday stream

I had great intentions of writing a riveting blog post full of interesting insights and tantalising tidbits.  Instead, this will be a dot-point stream of consciousness.

I began the day (i.e. midnight) in a pub, drinking and dancing with friends.  It was a great night and I probably could have stayed out much later than I did but I knew I had commitments during the day that would require a bit of a clear head and certainly a clear throat. So I left around 2am…I think.

Very obliging hubby made the 30 minute journey to collect me and take me home, whereupon I ate a jam donut (coz junk food is obligatory after consumption of alcohol) and then promptly crashed in to bed.

I had a meeting this morning so my much needed sleep was interrupted by the alarm on my phone telling me that it was time to cease my slumber. Off I went to the Liturgy Committee meeting at the church.  I was not fully functional.  I tried to stay focused but I had little drifty moments here and there.  Anyway, we got through it and I think I acquitted myself adequately.

Then I had the pleasure of lunch and shopping with an old and very dear friend.  We’ve been friends for 23 years.  Our relationship is such that we may not speak to one another for six months or more, not because we “aren’t speaking” but just because neither of us has anything to say.  When the conversation starts again it’s like it never stopped.  I know that if I was ever in any kind of trouble she’d be there in a heartbeat and I know that she knows I’d do the same for her.  On the face of it, we are an unlikely couple of friends. She’s an atheist, I’m religious.  She liked New Kids on the Block, I have taste. :-p  But I think it’s our differences that make us stronger.  She challenges me.  There’s a certain critical look that she gives me when I start justifying the unjustifiable.  I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who has such a finely tuned bullshit filter.  I know my bullshit doesn’t get through…and I can bullshit like nobody’s business!

After the lunch and shopping trip, it was time for Mass.  I always love going to Mass.  It’s one of the few times I can switch off the world and even my own crazy thoughts.  Actually, just entering that church building has a profound effect on me. As I enter the church, the noise in my head stops and I’m left with a sense of calm that I rarely achieve anywhere else.

Hmmm…it’s nearly midnight so I should finish up.  But before I do, how about a Musical Challenge‽

This is a song that I heard in my friend’s car today.  It’s one of the few things we both love!

I was caught by your smile under a blushing moon,
You were the only one left there.
Words poured like wine over an open wound,
You were the only one left there.

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9 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. Dags75 says:

    Is it cheating if I answer? Should I let someone else have a go?

  2. Dags75 says:

    Is it cheating if I’m the one who answers the challenge? Should I let someone else have a go? BTW I consider myself agnostic, not atheist. I do believe in some kind of “higher power” I just haven’t worked it out – yet.

    • fionawb says:

      Oh…sorry…I lump them all together as “heathen” :-p LOL. You don’t need to work it out, just ask me! I have all the answers! Jesus loves you. 🙂

  3. fiona says:

    Paul McDermott: shut up & kiss me ?

    • fionawb says:

      Sure is! You were the first to actually give the answer so you get the bragging rights on this one. Well done!

  4. Leesa Philip says:

    From one heathen to another, go for it Dags!! Challenge is good, we have to unwind that bun! As for the song, it’s Shut up/Kiss me by Paul McDermott and Fiona Horne… and yes, Fi, it’s on the iPod…

  5. Leesa Philip says:

    And – nice work, @swab13!

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