Universal Language

I believe that music transcends language.  I have a particular fondness for listening to well known English language songs being sung in other languages.

Yesterday, Katie correctly guessed “Por el camino del desierto / El viento me despeina / Sube el aroma de colita / Luna, luna de nadie / Ella a lo lejos / Una luz centela / La idea de mi estar” as the lyrics from Hotel California…not sung in English by the Eagles but the version in Spanish by the Gypsy Kings.

As I’ve had a day full of activity…none of which is particularly blog-worthy, I’m going to do a post on the richness of linguistic diversity as heard in my musical mind.

All of these songs are on my playlist and they fill me with joy.  These are all very well known songs (i.e. chart-topping sorts of songs) but these are the foreign language versions of them.  In some cases, I prefer the languages other than English.

Musical Challenge with a difference

Guess the song and the language.

Song 1

Viernes noche y adonde ir
todo listo para salir
luces por todas partes
busquen un lugar
música y a bailar

Song 2

Ogni notte in sogno
Ti vedo, ti sento
E cosi io so che ci sei
Tu, da spazi immensi
Da grandi distanze
Sei venuta e so che ci sei

Song 3

Mi gran amor te di,
tan sólo eso
Y el alma te ofrecí junto a mis besos

Song 4

Mně se líbí Bob
a hlavo moudrá zlob se zlob
a vzkážu každé jiné
co láskou po něm hyne
tak vzdej to můj je Bob

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4 Responses to Universal Language

  1. Alexander R says:

    No Feliz Navidad? 😛

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