Three weeks of blogging

We are now three weeks in to the #blogjune challenge and I think I’m going ok.  I’ve had only a few cop-out posts.  I deliberately included memes every Monday (6th, 13th, 20th) but not on any other day, so I don’t count them as cop-outs.

After the first week I had a One Week In reflection but I didn’t do that at the two-week mark so I’m doing one now for the three-week milestone.

I’ve been quite busy lately and this is only likely to increase so I predict a correlating decrease in the quality of my posts.  However, I will endeavour to make my efforts as meaningful as possible.

The all-consuming thought for me at the moment is the impending end of financial year and the pressure that brings with it.  The urge to squeeze the last of the juice out of the budget.  This is a pressure I do not enjoy.  However, I’m heartened by the opportunities that may present themselves on 1st July.  I can start afresh.  New processes.  New policies.  New procedures.  New challenges.  New attitudes.  New resolutions.

I’m counting the days.

Anyway, back to my reflection on the last three weeks…

Here’s the state of play in the Musical Challenge since I last reviewed the winners:

7th June – Katie W
8th June – Adam F
9th June – Adam F…but there’s a second song that uses the same line. The second song is still unanswered.
10th June – Katie W
11th June – 1 Rachel W; 2 Alexander R; 3 John N; 4 Frances H; 5 Leesa P. Songs 6 and 7 are still unanswered.
12th June – Leesa P
13th June – John N
14th June – 2 Rachel W; 3 Karina. Song 1 is still unanswered.
15th Junestill unanswered
16th June – Leesa P
17th June – Peta H
18th June2 songs and both are still unanswered.
19th June – Alexander R
20th June – Frances H

As this is the three-week mark, I’m going to give three songs in today’s Musical Challenge.  These will come from the next three songs in my playlist.  We’ve established that this can be quite eclectic so consider this my disclaimer.

Song 1

To me you’re like a growing addiction that I can’t deny.

Song 2

Por el camino del desierto
El viento me despeina
Sube el aroma de colita
Luna, luna de nadie
Ella a lo lejos
Una luz centela
La idea de mi estar

Song 3

Before the cream sits out too long


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10 Responses to Three weeks of blogging

  1. Leesa Philip says:

    Song 1 = Kiss from a rose by Seal!!

  2. Leesa Philip says:

    Now won’t you tell me is that healthy baby??

  3. Leesa Philip says:

    I do know song two, as well, but will play by the rules… Song 3 escapes me at present, though… have fun all!

  4. John Nebauer says:

    #3 – ‘you must whip it’ – Whip It (Devo)

  5. Katie says:

    2 is Hotel California but the Gypsy Kings version

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