I ♥ Birthdays!

Man, do I love birthdays!!!  They don’t even have to be mine…although I really do like mine too.  🙂

I’ve had a pretty busy weekend…which explains the crappy blog posts of the last couple of days.  Yesterday I drove for over an hour to fix my issue with the embossing folder snafu I had last week (see the Addendum).  Then drive an hour back but, oh no, not me.  I had to stop at not one but two shopping centres on the way home on my insatiable quest for a bargain during the EOFY sales.  (That’s End Of Financial Year for those who aren’t shopping-obsessed like myself.)

Then I went to Mass…wearing a few of my bargains and feeling the business in high heels and fishnets.  Some might say it’s inappropriate to wear this sort of thing to Mass.  I was brought up believing that there is no event more special than going to Mass.  If you would dress your best to visit royalty, how much more effort would you make to visit God’s house?  So I always try to put my best foot forward.

When I got home from Mass I set about making dinner and then I made use of a few more of my recent purchases.  I made a birthday card for a very special young man who turned 18 today.  He’s a very talented musician with a brilliant future ahead of him.

This morning, I was up early to go to Mass again.  Last night I sang.  This morning I played the organ.  I only live a few hundred metres from that church yet I usually drive up the little hill.  I justify this to myself with pathetic excuses like “it’s cold/dark/late at night/etc” or “my music bags are heavy”.  Today I did not cheat myself out of the opportunity to get some exercise and fresh air.  It was invigorating and I loved it! I was so proud that I got off my lazy butt and did something worthwhile.  I might even do that more often!

I felt a certain excitement all day today.  It was that little tickle in the back of my mind knowing that today was my friend’s birthday.  I just love birthdays!

I attended a Stampin Up party at a friend’s house which was lovely.  It was great to see that friend again and do something I really enjoy. (Yes, I did buy some more crafty goodness.)  Then I had to leave because it was time to head off to my third Mass of the weekend.

I was not rostered to sing or play or read or do anything.  I just wanted to share the joy of a birthday!  I remember playing the organ at Mass on my 18th birthday.  Actually, it was right after a birthday party with my family.  I had a few drinks with my brothers and then went (half-sloshed) to Mass to play the organ! Good times!

I can think of no better way to celebrate a birthday than to say “Thank you God for granting me another year to do the things You want me to do.”  So, Alexander, happy birthday.  May there be many more.

Now for a Musical Challenge

I close my eyes, drew back the curtain
To see for certain, what I thought I knew

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6 Responses to I ♥ Birthdays!

  1. Alexander R says:

    Thanks for the Birthday Wishes Fi 🙂

    And the answer is… from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat …. called Any Dream Will Do

  2. Julia G says:

    Aaah and Alexander beats me by two minutes. Oh well.
    Nice shoes & stockings, babe! And I agree – why not wear them to church?

  3. Penny says:

    noice noice shoes!

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