Sulky Sunday

It’s almost midnight on Sunday night and I’m determined to squeeze this post in before it turns to Monday morn.  So I’ll be brief.  Dot points ok with you?

Very late last night I opened my Bible (a VERY rare occurrence for me). This is the passage that leapt off the page at me:

“And now I am the laughing-stock of people of people who are younger than I am”  Jb 30:1

Just remember that for later.

  • The day began well: breakfast with the ever lovely Librarian in the Mirror
  • picked up a bargain at the Lifeline Bookfest
  • met up with another lovely librarian
  • shopped for craft all day
  • realised that I’d spent more than I intended  <–here’s where it starts to take a turn
  • headache not going away
  • body suddenly discovered it isn’t 18 anymore and walking all day (no matter how comfortable the shoes) just isn’t an option
  • left papercraft & textile shows to don glad rags for a night on the town with friends from work and some of their friends (all aged 19-26)
  • got dolled up (all the while telling myself that I did look ok to be hanging out with the young crowd and that my aches and pains would go away if only I focused on the good time I was sure to have)
  • off to the find the venue – drove past it
  • came back, found a parking space quickly 🙂 That was a highlight
  • passed through security unchallenged for ID – clearly I look old
  • found friends quickly – another highlight
  • at this point, I think I lost my sense of hearing on account of the deafening music which I may or may not have enjoyed…I couldn’t tell because IT WAS TOO LOUD!!!!!
  • went to get food but was denied the meal I wanted because we didn’t have a reservation (apparently a 2 week wait!!)
  • By now my mood was in the toilet. The young friends did try to cheer me but I think I had found my way to Grumpsville and the last bus had already left for the night. So in Grumpsville I lingered.
  • Decided not to ruin everyone’s night so I up and left to go home, get into jammies and watch The Kennedys

Feeling like that gloomy bit of scripture set me up for failure.  Based on this farce of an evening, I will not be voluntarily flicking through my Bible for a few years!

Anyway, I’ll put my mopey mood to one side and give you today’s Musical Challenge!!!!

She made like a grizzly and started chewin’ my head off


One of the craft value packs I bought, which should have contained 8 unique embossing folders, actually only contained 7 unique folders and 1 duplicate. I only discovered this at 11.30pm.  Current mood status? Back in the freakin’ toilet! Grrrrrrr…….!

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12 Responses to Sulky Sunday

  1. Leesa says:

    I do know this… it’s on the iPod…
    She F*ckin’ Hates Me…. na na na na….
    I think I need google for the proper title and artist

    • fionawb says:

      No Googlies – you know the rules. Hymns will be on the menu at the next sign of search engines unless expressly permitted. :-p

  2. Leesa says:

    ok, nope am wrong about the song, but right about one thing, it is on the iPod. Tell ya later if no one else gets it….

  3. Leesa says:

    No one else??? When I can I have another shot, Fi?

  4. Adam Foreman says:

    “She Hates Me”…….something “Mud” is the artist (can’t remember the full name)

  5. Adam Foreman says:

    Sorry – not the answer to your song Fi…..answer to Leesa’s

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  7. Leesa Philip says:

    Lovesick by Gangstarr

  8. Gemma says:

    Ripped off re: embossing folders. Am off to Paperific in Melbourne with Shewgirl come August. I should be saving now but we are off to the Kaiser outlet store next week. Gotta love a bargain!

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