Quid pro quo

For the second time this week I had to go in to work on my scheduled days off. I left work early on Monday as a quid pro quo. But it did make me wonder about how much of my personal time is given to my work. Conversely, how much of my work time is given to personal matters.

Actually, the lines between personal and professional often blur. What is private and what is public? This is not the first time I’ve addressed the Private -vs- Public debate.

I socialise with my workmates. Some of my Facebook friends are actually library clients.

So where is the line? What’s ok?  Is it appropriate to attend to library business from home on my days off?   Should I check my personal email at work?

I’m not sure I have the answers to these questions and I’m not sure I need to. I guess as long as I continue to ask the questions and as long as a balance is maintained then does it really matter?

Musical Challenge

Thanks to the musical tradition of tribute and sampling, this line is found in at least two songs in my playlist. I’ll accept either song as the answer but I’ll give special bonus bragging rights if you get both songs.

Forever ever? Forever ever?

The Musical Challenge of 7th June is still unsolved.  Here is the original clue:

I spy with my little eye something beginning with S.

Here’s an additional line which seems very appropriate given that today was the coldest day in the last 11 years.

And I know that in the morning I will wake up
In the shivering cold

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7 Responses to Quid pro quo

  1. Kalgrl says:

    Thought for a while it might be Robbie Williams, but it’s not quite … Hmmm

  2. fionawb says:

    Not Robbie Williams. Sorry. Try again.

  3. Katie says:

    Haven’t seen your blog for a while. That’s totally The Cure: “Lullaby”

  4. Adam Foreman says:

    Well the “forever ever” one has to be “I’m sorry Miss Jackson” – Outkast

    • fionawb says:

      Absolutely. That’s the original song. However, another artist used that line sung exactly the same way (not sampled). Can you guess the other song?

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