I didn’t work today but I did have a lot to do.

Today, I actually got to speak to a group of people about the importance of how nurses use information in the workplace.  We had a very interesting discussion about evidence-based practice, with particular reference to my PhD topic which looks at using models of information literacy to foster EBP amongst mental health practitioners.  I think they got something out of what I had to say and I know I took a few ideas that I’m probably going to incorporate into my research.

I seem to be suffering from a touch of insomnia lately.  Actually, this is reflected in my lyrical choice in the musical challenge below.  I don’t think I’ve fallen asleep much before 2am any night this week.  It’s taking its toll on me, most notably in my voice. Tonight I’ve had to record psalms for the next four weekends to upload to YouTube so cantors can practice. (Yes, this is something they’ve asked me to do!) I sound terrible in these recordings…which is why I always make them private! I might have a tough exterior sometimes but I think I’d be shattered if I heard any harsh criticism of my singing. I know I’m not a perfect singer but I get the job done.  Perhaps one day I’ll have the courage to post a video publicly but I’m not quite there yet.  Give me a sherry and I might!

The day is almost over and I’ve made a deal with myself that I will not allow myself to go to bed until I’ve completed one of my two outstanding assignments.  I realise this is only going to further worsen my insomnia.  Clearly my sleep-deprived state is affecting my judgement.



Musical Challenge

There are two lines in this song which always jump out at me and I can’t decide which one to use for the musical challenge so I’ll give you both… (That should make it even easier so I’ll try and put a really hard one in tomorrow!)

My body turns and yearns for a sleep
That won’t ever come

Too young to hold on
And too old to just break free and run

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5 Responses to F-F-F-FRIDAY!

  1. Katie says:

    That is so Jeff Buckley but I don’t know the name of the song

  2. Katie says:

    I had thought that someone had answered this by now but after going through my CD collection, the song is: Lover, You Should’ve Come Over by Jeff Buckley. That’s my dodgy habit of knowing songs by their track numbers not their title.

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