Eurovision Drinking Game

There are so many different Eurovision Song Contest Drinking Games to choose from but none of them suited my circumstances perfectly.  Many were designed for lots of players and some were far too complex…especially as the players get drunker as the game progresses!  So I have decided to take the best bits of those I have found and create my own.  I consider that it is less intellectual property theft and more a homage.

Play if you like.

Take a drink if…

The hosts…

  • Sing
  • Speak in rhyme
  • Gaze into each others eyes — drain glass if they pash
  • Change outfit
  • Refer to their former singing career

The songs…

  • Change key – drain glass for a second key change
  • Refer to peace/brotherhood/unity/end to war
  • Mix styles (e.g. opera & rap) – drain glass for more than 3 distinct styles
  • Are in a made up language (yes, this has happened…I’m looking at you, Belgium!)

The singers/musicians…

  • Are related to one another
  • Have competed in Eurovision before
  • Wink at the camera
  • Drop to their knee
  • Change outfit (aka “The Reveal”) – drain glass for two or more outfit changes/reveals
  • Are all dressed in one colour
  • Are clearly showing far too much cleavage
  • Use a wind machine…or whip their hair around wildly to simulate use of a wind machine
  • Are dressed in traditional costume
  • Use crazy or out of context props
  • Use unusual instruments

The voting…

  • high votes given to neighbour states (e.g. Scandanavians, Balkans, Baltic, etc)
  • Any awkwardness between the hosts and those giving their country’s vote
  • The country reps refer to their own singing career or are a past Eurovision winner.
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3 Responses to Eurovision Drinking Game

  1. Corrinne says:

    just emptied the bottle during Cyprus, and on way to serious alcohol problem

  2. Steph says:

    Love it! I’d suggest a FB blackout too, as I just found out from an English friend who won 😦 Still after the drinking game, I may have forgotten…

    • fionawb says:

      Ooh good idea!

      I’m going to add a few more bits in for the voting part (e.g. reporters talking about their careers instead of giving the votes, obvious neighbour voting, etc). You’ll be blotto in no time!

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