The Twelve Days of Christmas have come to an end.  Today is the Feast of the Epiphany (although the Catholic Church celebrated this feast last Sunday).  Epiphany is the feast which celebrates the arrival of the Magi, the Wise Men, the Kings.

It is commonly accepted that there were three but this is not actually stated clearly in the Gospels.  Some historical accounts say their names were Melchior, Gaspar, Balthazar.  We understand that they brought the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Epiphany has another meaning.  An epiphany is a revelation or realisation, usually sudden.  I’d like to use this term to explore what revelations I have had over the Twelve Days of Christmas and also to acknowledge the gifts I have received.

I think I have come to realise that my relationship with my husband has grown stronger over the years we have been together.  I cherish the time we spend together.  I also appreciate spending time apart because it makes coming home to him all the sweeter.

I have realised that I have some really great friends.  Some of these “friends” are people I have only conversed with online, usually via Twitter.  Yet, the outpouring of feeling,  support in times of need, comfort in times of sadness and celebration in times of joy leads me to believe quite strongly that these are good people and I can call them my friends. This is not to discount the close bonds I have with my face-to-face friends.  They will always come first and they keep me grounded and can tell me the hard, honest and sometimes unpleasant truth. I love them for this.

I now realise that I am a strong person.  I can hold my head up high and accept who I am as an independent entity.  Too long I have sought the approval of others.  I will still hope to have the support and approval of my peers but I will not tear myself apart inside if I don’t receive it.  I will not cower behind a mask for fear of upsetting this one or that one.  I will stand tall (or as tall as I can! <– short person joke).

I also acknowledge that I usually wear my heart on my sleeve.  I proudly declare my religious beliefs as a Catholic.  I will express these beliefs at various times, not to berate others or to convert them to my way of thinking but rather to say “This is who I am.”

And now for my gifts…

I received the gift of LOVE from my family and friends.

I received the gift of TIME to relax away from the pressures of work.

I received the gift of FAITH in myself.

It has been a wonderful Christmas season and seeing this blogging challenge through has been thoroughly rewarding.

Now, as it is January 6th, Epiphany, it is time to remove the tree, the tinsel and the ornaments and carry on with the New Year.

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3 Responses to Epiphany

  1. X says:

    ❤ I've enjoyed reading your 12 posts of
    Christmas (hehe see what I did there?) greatly and I'm so
    glad that you've found it to be an epiphany of your own.

  2. Penny says:

    Yay! And thanks for the invitation to join this blog party 🙂

  3. A happy new year to you!

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