On the eighth day of Christmas

On the eighth day of Christmas my true love gave to me it was all about…BALANCE.

OK.  Perhaps this is a stretch.

I spent most of the day on the couch watching Wife Swap USA.

So how is this about me finding balance?

Well, I got to watch the lives of two families, usually polar opposites of one another, as the mothers each walked a mile in the other’s shoes.  Then, the families were each subjected to a week under the rules of the “new mother”.

It was interesting to see the extremes of parenting (complete control versus complete chaos) and extremes of cleanliness (clinical versus squalid).  Some other families learned from the experience and the extremes were muted – they’d found some balance.

Sometimes we look at these television shows for the shock value or for the Pharisaic value of being able to say “thank God I’m not like these people”.  Today I looked at these families as more of a cautionary tale of what can happen when our lives are out of balance.  Perhaps we become neat freaks and make our children work chores so much that they don’t enjoy childhood because there’s never time to play.  Perhaps we lose all sense of responsibility because we don’t want to live by rules as they constrain our free spirits.

Perhaps, just perhaps, there’s somewhere in the middle where we can be free to have fun, express ourselves, enjoy life, be respectful, love our children, honour our parents, learn the value of money, live in a clean home.

I hope I can find that balance.

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