On the fifth day of Christmas

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me it was all about…FRIENDS.

…and I’ll bet a bunch of you thought I was going to say CRAFT!

Yes, there was a lot of crafting going on today.  A bunch of librarians sitting around doing crafty stuff.  That was the order of the day.  However, for me it was less about the craft and more about the people.  Spending time with friends.

In the days leading up to this #blog12daysxmas challenge that I started, I indicated that I would be mostly blogging about things with a Christmas flavour.  I’ve talked about family, post-Christmas sales, more sales, and love.  Gathered around that manger in a stable many, many, many years ago stood a family (check); there were no sales (ok, I stuffed that one); there was love (check) and there were friends…call them angels, shepherds even a few out-of-town guests.  So…(check).

It was so nice to sit in the company of good friends and chat about everything and nothing all at once.  The crafting was a little bonus.  You can read more about the craft here and here.

To all my friends who I have seen today or have not seen for some time, you are my angels and my shepherds and, very occasionally, my out-of-town guests (who are particularly welcome when they bring gold!  Less so when it’s frankincense or myrrh.)

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2 Responses to On the fifth day of Christmas

  1. Penny says:

    If I was there I’d bring the Christmas Schoc chocolate which is Frankincense, myrrh with gold leaf on it. For real.

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