On the fourth day of Christmas

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me…A HUG.

Is there anything more beautiful or comforting than a hug? Especially when the hug-ee is in desperate need of one?

For some strange reason, I was very ill at ease today.  Tiny things, which on any other day I would completely disregard, seemed to upset me.  I was offended by things I would normally laugh off.  I felt a heightened sense of awareness and annoyance.  Even my awareness of this fact served to compound the matter.

Tetchy.  That’s how I was today.  Tetchy.


There is only one known cure for the irrits that seems to work for me:  a hug.

Not just any old hug. Oh no.  It has to be administered in a particular fashion and usually by only certain people.

The most highly skilled hug-giver I have ever met was my father.  Nothing comes close to the feeling that I had when he would give a whole-hearted hug.  They didn’t happen often but when they did, oh boy! To this day it’s the only thing that could empty my mind of all its noise and trouble.  The cacophony of thoughts that tumble through this head of mine would fall silent when Dad would hug me.  I still remember the last hug he gave me.  It was powerful and silent.  He held me as if he would never see me again…and he never did.

There have been a few others who have come close…including my brothers.  They have inherited Dad’s huggability.  Contrary to popular belief, a skilled hugger does not need to possess particular physical attributes.  Rather, the skill lies in the commitment of emotion that impels the hug.

A rising star in the hug ranks is my husband.  His hugs are definitely improving with age but, more importantly, he is becoming quite adept at identifying the optimal time for hug deployment.

I arrived home today from a short trip to the shopping centre (yes, the sales are still on).  While still in the car, parked in the garage, I sat and wept.  I thought I was alone.  In the darkness, I heard his voice.  He called me over and the hug was initiated.  Skilfully and with precision timing.

That was probably the best Christmas gift I have received this season.  

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6 Responses to On the fourth day of Christmas

  1. Clare says:

    How wonderful! Encourage his hug-technique development, hugs are something you can never have too many of. Hope today is a good day Fi xxo

  2. How wonderful! Encourage hug-technique-development, there’s no such thing as too many hugs. Hope today is a good day xx

  3. Wow. I agree – there’s nothing better than a hug at the right time and by the right hugger. Here’s hoping that tetchiness is gone for you!

  4. Penny says:

    oh yes, Dad hugs are the best.

  5. Grant says:

    Nice post FWB.

    There’s nothing genuine love cannot fix by a genuine hug.

    It’s a pleasant reminder that sometimes words are not enough and a good bargain cannot fix.

    Thanks for sharing.

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