New insults

I have a fascination with language.  I am a keen student of spelling and grammar.  I freely state that I don’t know it all and I’m sure I make mistakes.

I love the sounds of some words and how some phrases just seem to evoke meanings that aren’t really intended.  Here are three words/phrases that have piqued my interest of late…

Skin prick – vain, obnoxious person

Slatwall – promiscuous individual

Plankwall – person who lacks intellectual competence

Do you have any words or phrases which elicit other meanings? (Please post in comments)

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4 Responses to New insults

  1. Hoi says:

    not sure if these count, how about – new moon, new year…. they are NOT new new at all…

  2. Penny says:

    Our family has a whole lot of vocab that have alternate and “other” meanings. Some do not translate very well to explanation. Some also are not suitable for refined company 😛

  3. snail says:

    What is this “refined company” of which you speak? 😛

  4. Ours too Penny! I am fascinated by the way families adopt vocab and language to their own use. The way some expressions take hold in families (or groups of friends for that matter) and come to have a meaning related more to context than the actual meaning of the word is fabulous. I love that those words and expressions are unique to that group.

    Sigh, I also confess to being a bit of a student of spelling & grammar, actually, a pedant is probably a more accurate description…….

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