Monday meme

It’s Monday so that means MEME!!!!

This time, I’m catching up on snail’s travel meme.  Enjoy!

What “City, Country” do you live in?
Redcliffe, Australia  (just north of Brisbane)

What was the last country you visited other than your own (or that you want to if you haven’t been out of your country)?
Hong Kong (the last 5 days of a 4 week holiday that included Ireland, UK, France & Belgium)

What is your favourite kind of trip (i.e. camping, laying on the beach, cruise, etc.)?
Sightseeing…and staying in 4 or 5 star hotels

What is the farthest location south that you have gone?
Adelaide, Australia

What is the farthest location north that you have gone?
Malin Head, Ireland (the most northerly point of Ireland)

What is your preferred mode of transportation when traveling long distances?
Flying.  I’d love to say “first class” but I’ve never had the privilege.

What kind of vehicle do you own (or would like to own)?
I have a lovely little zippy Honda Jazz

What is your ideal destination?
To be honest, I love Ireland.  I still have close friends and family there but I just love the lifestyle and the culture.  My heart will always be there.

Who is your favourite travel companion?
I’d have to say my husband.

What is the largest city you have visited?
London…and I hate the place.  Closely followed by Hong Kong and I’m not too fond of it either for the same reason – too many people.

What destination would you recommend to a friend?
Ireland…without hesitation.  The lifestyle, the people, the history. (I am completely biased, though)

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
I’d go back and live in Dublin in a heartbeat.

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4 Responses to Monday meme

  1. Rachel says:

    I sense a theme with your meme.

  2. liberrydwarf says:

    What a shame you hated London! It’s one of my favourite cities, but I have a number of friends and family who are local Londoners so we tend to get the inside skinny on where to go and what to do to avoid the “too many people” thing.

  3. Penny says:

    I want to visit Ireland. And India. And Antarctica. And… so many places.

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