Stream of consciousness

I’m complete devoid of ideas for this blog so I’m just going to type and see what happens…

At the moment, I’m playing Farmville in the background to this blog post (the pigs, sheep, cows and a llama are moaning at me).  I never thought I’d be suckered in to playing it and I have only ever published stories to my Facebook wall on the very rarest of occasions…so I hope I’m not a nuisance to my FB friends.  Don’t you just hate when people put up those mindless stories?  I love connecting with friends old and new using social media but I can’t stand the endless Farmville, Mafia Wars, Vampire, blah blah blah flavour of the month bandwagon application that requires no skill and shows no personality.

My husband is just telling me that I should blog about the speed of the internet.  Apparently, the World Cup is responsible for the Internet pooping its pants.  Massive surges in Internet traffic is causing the whole thing to shift down into first gear. (Source:  I wonder if that’s what put the wind up Twitter today?

Betcha it didn’t cause my shoes to break 5 minutes before an information literacy session I was to conduct in the Intensive Care Unit at the hospital where I work.  My boss suggested I try to fix my broken heel with Bookaide (PVA glue) but that was a waste of time and Bookaide.  The heel remains broken.  I’m hoping this means that I can buy some new shoes although I might have spent enough on clothes and accessories in the recent end of financial year sales.  Have you noticed how everyone seems to be calling them “End Of Financial Year” or “EOFY” sales.  I remember when we called them “Stocktake Sales”.

Ooh, listen to me! “I remember when…” How old do I sound?!  I’d better stop rambling or you’ll all think I’m mad, stupid or old…or all of the above!

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5 Responses to Stream of consciousness

  1. Love it! I used to do that stream of consciousness stuff in my journal during a tough spot in my life and it’s amazing what comes out of it. Thank you, thank you. (And I weaned myself off Farmville eventually – although if there’s llamas now I might just go back…..)

  2. comradeharps says:

    That explains the fail whale I’ve been seeing for the last week. Ta.

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  4. Ruth Baxter says:

    LOL. The power of soccer, this time to bring everyone back to having to talk to each other.

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