Meme me up, Scotty!

In addition to #blogeverydayofjune I’m getting a strong sense of “meme every day of June”.  Not that I’m complaining!  I’m loving these memes.  Meme me up, Scotty!

This iPhone themed meme is courtesy of Jenelle. The idea is to share and discuss your iPhone (or iWhatever) homescreen.

Here’s mine:

Messages – I’m not a great one for SMS.  I much prefer to make a call and have a proper dialogue.

Calendar – I live for this.  I’m a heavy Google user and this is synced to my Google Calendar.  All my personal appointments get put in this…and work ones when I think of it.  I try to add those in on a weekly basis.

Contacts – Like Calendar, this is linked to Google.  If I make a change here it gets backed up online and vice versa.  I love the integration that the synced account can provide.  No double handling of information.

Clock – If it weren’t for this app, I’d still be asleep!  I have set 3 alarms to recur every weekday morning to wake me up for work.  I also set ad hoc alarms when I take afternoon naps on the weekends.

Camera – I love being able to take photo whenever the mood strikes me. It would not be uncommon to find me stopping at a random point in the street to take a photo at some whimsical thing that caught my eye.  Just last week I was closing up the library and I looked out the window to see a glimpse of a beautiful sunset.  I opened the tinted windows, stuck my arm around the other side of the glass (phone in hand) and snapped that sky.  Pity the photo quality isn’t that great but I still love to take the shots anyway.

Photos – Goes hand in hand with the camera (well, duh!).  I currently have close to 800 photos stored on my iPhone.

Calculator – Any good shopaholic needs to know exactly how much that awesome shirt is going to be when it’s 30% off.  Also, I like to get an accurate breakdown in my unit pricing when doing grocery shopping.

Maps – “I’m somewhere where I don’t know where I am!” (Homer Simpson).  This one is pretty self-explanatory.

Weather – This is purely a fashion assistant.  Do I need to wear the light cardy or the thick jumper?

App Store – Confession time: I have 11 pages of apps on my iPhone.  Defence: I haven’t paid for any.

Notes – Why bother with pen and paper with this little baby in your pocket?

YouTube – A girl’s gotta be entertained.

Settings – For when I get bored with current ringtones.

iPod – 6.2 days of audio to fill the void.

Currency – This one’s a remnant of my recent overseas holiday.  It was super handy to have a speedy converter there on hand to make sure I wasn’t getting ripped off when I bought my knock off Ed Hardy shirt.

Foursquare – A recent addition to the homepage.  Now all the world knows where I am at any given moment.  I’m mayor of 9 places including my 2 parish churches and a cathedral!

Phone – Do I need to explain this?

Mail – There’s no escaping email.

Safari – Nearly a zettabyte of Internet goodness all in my pocket.

Echofon – My Twitter client of choice.

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