More memey goodness

On a day where I’m hard pressed to find something new and interesting to post for #blogeverydayofjune, I’m glad to see that there’s another meme floating about. (Thanks Mal Booth!)

Do you snack while watching TV? Yes.  Not just snacks but whole meals on occasions…dinner every night and the odd breakfast.

What is your favourite TV show? Hmmm… I have a few but Spicks and Specks would rate pretty high.  Other faves include Bones, Castle, Chuck, Warehouse 13, Doctor Who…oh, and an oldie but always a goodie, The Simpsons.

What TV show makes you run to change channels? Again, I can’t settle on just one.  Frontrunners would be Neighbours, Home and Away, Supernatural, WWE… (I refuse to provide links to crap shows.  Find it yourself or be without…I’d opt for the latter if I were you.)

How do you view your TV guide: online, on-screen, newspaper, magazine, other? I usually just check the on-screen guide on the TV via our pay-TV provider.  This often means that I miss out on seeing stuff because I don’t flick through the 50 000 screens to get from Channel 9 through to the Adult Channel.  For the record, I don’t watch the Adult Channel.

Have you ever been surveyed for your TV-viewing habits or do you know anyone who has been? No and no.  Can I count this as a survey? 🙂

Do you watch TV news and/or current affairs regularly? I’m a fan of 4-Corners, Q and A, Media Watch and The 7.30 Report.  (I don’t trust news/current affairs reporting on the commercial stations.)  I don’t get to watch them as often as I’d like but I stay in touch by listening to AM and PM on ABC Local Radio (612 Brisbane).

Do you watch any TV “soaps”? (Truth please, even if it is embarrassing.) I used to watch Days of Our Lives many, many years ago.  Nowadays, I’m just not interested in soaps.  Also, I have commitment issues with TV time slots.  (God bless time shifting!)

What other series shows do you try not to miss? Oh I think I answered that already.  See above.  I almost forgot to add America’s Next Top Model. (I haven’t checked that link because I don’t want any spoilers.)  And The Gruen Transfer.

Any previous series or shows you really liked? I was fond of Kyle XY for a while there and I’d keep Gossip Girl and Sex and the City on if they started but I wouldn’t necessarily seek them out.

Do you have pay TV or are the digital channels enough? We have pay TV and it gives me a  good taste of shows that are more to my liking than I could fine with the digital channels.  However, it doesn’t satisfy me completely.

Do you only watch certain TV shows online? Um…we…er…watch them in an offline environment.

Do you regularly use services like ABC catch-up or other online replays? Not often.  We employ other time shifting methods.

Do you ever pay any attention to the adverts? Not really…unless it’s The Gruen Transfer!  LOL!

Do you multi-task while watching TV & if so what else are you doing? Apart from the eating of meals, there’s occasional preparation of meals but that’s more listening to the TV rather than watching it on account of the position of the TV relative to the kitchen.  If I watch TV in the bedroom I will sometimes tweet, check email, use various apps on my iPhone.

Is there a TV show that makes you laugh out loud? Whose Line is is Anyway gives me a giggle as does Spicks and Specks.  There are others but I can’t think of them just now.

Have you ever said no to a social invitation to stay at home and watch TV? (Truth again please.) Mind telling us what the show was? I think that happened once or twice but I can’t remember when or what show.

Do you record TV shows & if so why and how (VCR, DVD recorder, TIVO, laptop, etc.)? Yes. Home media centre. Because my life doesn’t fit neatly into a little TV time slot.  Time shift, baby, time shift.

Least favourite TV personality/actor/character? Ooh, only one? There’s so many. Kyle Sandilands (probably the only person I could really see myself punching in the face if I ever had the misfortune of meeting him), Jamie Durie, Scott Cann, Melissa Doyle. Ray Martin, Larry Emdur.

Most popular TV personalities/actors/character? Chuck Bartowski (character in Chuck), Scott Bakula, Nathan Fillion, Myf Warhurst, Mike Holmes.

Have you ever seen anything really memorable on TV (not news/events – made for TV drama, etc.)? Why are these questions so hard? I should have attempted answering this earlier in the day when I had more brain.  I have teh dumb.

Do you prefer TV series or stand-alone shows? Probably series…provided I can record them all to watch at a time that suits me.

Is there a specific show you find yourself recommending over and over? Holmes on Homes.

Phew!  That was more of an interrogation than I was prepared for at this stage of the day.

I’ll try to have an original thought tomorrow.

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3 Responses to More memey goodness

  1. Jenelle says:

    I’m a Holmes on Homes girl as well!! LOL He is awesome… you would love This Old House as well? Same kind of craftmanship!

    • fionawb says:

      I’ve seen This Old House a few times. It’s ok. I haven’t really got into it the same way I did with Mike. Maybe it’s his burly manliness that I find so appealing. 😉

  2. apubliclibrarian says:

    Is Chuck on pay tv? I had to do a google image search on Chuck Bartowski to see who he is, every pic has him dressed in what appears to school clothes? I watch way to much tv I really should get pay tv too-thanx for the post:)

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