Crossroads…more than a bad movie

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about where I am in my career and where I want to be. It’s not that I’m unhappy with my job…far from it! I just have these little moments, like most people I guess, where I wonder if the grass is greener elsewhere. Perhaps not over the hill or even in the next paddock but what about just over there a little bit?

On Monday evening I spoke to a group of library students about what I do and what the Library and Information Science sector means to me. In preparing for my talk with them I started to really delve into WHY I love my job. There are so many reasons but I think the one that really stands out for me is that, as a medical librarian, I get to be a part of something really big and really meaningful. I’m part of a clinical environment that saves lives or makes them better in some way because of something good we did. I might not be dishing out the treatment but I dish out the information to the person who does the treatment. My contribution is valid and acknowledged. There’s something really gratifying in that.

So, why the crossroads? Why the greener pastures?

Well, I engage very much in the practical aspects of library and information services but the research and theoretical area holds some interest for me too. Because I’m often called upon to help researchers in their areas of practice, I will occasionally have flights of fancy where I wonder how it would be if I was doing research for MY project.

With all the activities of this week, including the #blogeverydayofjune challenge, I have been quite reflective. I’ve been asking myself some really profound questions: What really drives me? What gets my blood pumping? What is the most important thing which will satisfy me? Do I do what I do for the right reasons? Do I have anything to offer the world of research? Are my talents best suited to being the best medical librarian I can be?

I don’t know.

I guess I’ll just have to ponder a little longer or maybe I just knuckle down and do what I gots ta do.

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2 Responses to Crossroads…more than a bad movie

  1. nomesd says:

    I think a research side-project is always a good idea to pursue. It doesn’t have to take away from your primary role as a clinical librarian, but it can certainly add to it. Have you considered teaming up with one of your medical colleagues to do some research?

  2. fionawb says:

    Yes, it has occurred to me…watch this space. 😉

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