Non-traditional is my new tradition

Today was certainly a better day than yesterday.  I spent the morning helping a client to find the right medium for information exchange and collaboration for a couple of very different cohorts.  We explored a whole range of social media and Web 2.0 platforms and it really hammered home to me what a social media slut I am!  During the course of the discussion, I showed the client my work Facebook page, my blog (not this one), my wiki, my Google Wave, my RSS reader and I think I showed a bunch of other stuff that I can’t even remember now!

Later in the day I saw a tweet containing this little gem of information about the slowing growth of social media specialist titles.  I particularly liked the video they referenced.   I remember seeing a graph quite some time ago that determined a person’s social media credibility based on when they joined Twitter.  It placed me firmly between “Professional Geek” and “Social Media Guru”. Not that I’ve ever really called myself a “social media guru”, and I’m sure as hell not going to now!  I’d just call myself a fan and an addict.

I finished working on the animation for a video tutorial explaining the intricacies of Boolean operators (stay tuned for further updates and a launch of this on YouTube).  I’m pretty proud of it, actually.

I’ve learned over the last year or 3 that I really have a love of all things to do with social media.  I’ve managed to incorporate it into my daily working life and my boss is supportive and encouraging.  It’s pretty great to be the one who gets to legitimately play with that stuff during my work day. Some days it’s good to be me. 🙂

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One Response to Non-traditional is my new tradition

  1. haikugirloz says:

    I agree it is gr8 to get support to use social media in the workplace :o) I had forgotten about Google Wave I didn’t really take to it.

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