Don’t mess with me!

This is the first post of my new blog.  It’s a day late to be making this the first post of #blogeverydayofjune but I hope you’ll excuse me because 1) I had the idea to create this new blog yesterday; and 2) I didn’t know there was a #blogeverydayofjune campaign until today.

So this is what I would have posted yesterday (June 1)…

Today was a God-awful day.  For all kinds of reasons, many which cannot be listed here, I had a dreadful day.  I faced bigotry, racism, stupidity, condescension, ignorance, pigheadedness…and, frankly, that was just the beginning!  I ended up with such a knot of anger and hatred in the pit of my stomach that I felt sorry for anyone who was stupid or reckless enough to cross swords with me.

The evening saw me at choir for a final (2 hour) practice for the Annual Commissioning Mass for Pastoral Councils which will be on Sunday 6th June at St Stephen’s Cathedral.  I will be conducting the choir (as usual) and cantoring the psalm.  The Mass will be celebrated by Archbishop John Bathersby.  Even though I’ve sung and conducted for years and years and in front of some pretty huge crowds, I’m really nervous.  Practice ran reasonably smoothly and I only had to go all “seargeant-major” a few times.  They are not a bad bunch really.

I’d rather not re-live the day (even for blog purposes).  Suffice to say, it was a bad day and best left in the past.  Just as well I wasn’t on the blog-kick then!

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4 Responses to Don’t mess with me!

  1. apubliclibrarian says:

    my sympathy goes out to you – it must be something in the water, I’ve had a couple yuck days too. good luck with the blogging:)

  2. Jenelle says:

    Best of luck at the Mass – will be interested in reading about how it goes! I’m sure you’ll be awesome!!

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